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probitec has participated in numerous projects abroad aimed towards economic and social development, and towards environmental conservation.

Among the services Probitec provides is the development of integrated projects, contributing the financing schemes that may better adapt to the needs of each country, whether funding originates from bilateral sources from Spain or multilateral sources.
In this manner, Probitec promotes, manages and develops turnkey projects, either independently or in partnership with other firms.

To this effect, Probitec acts:

  • ­As a commercial agent, promoting the project
  • ­As a financing agent, putting together the financing scheme and ensuring funding
  • ­Carrying out the project in an integrated manner.

Countries where PROBITEC has a presence

This section includes those countries where Probitec has worked, detailing the areas of activity in each of them:

  • Africa:

-        Angola: Fisheries

-        Senegal: Fisheries

-        Mauritania: Fisheries

-        Guinea Bissau: Fisheries

-        Namibia: Aquaculture and fisheries

-        Algeria: Aquaculture and fisheries

-        Cape Verde: Fisheries

-        Mozambique: Biotechnology, R+D+ innovation, fisheries

-        South Africa Fisheries

  • South America:

-        Argentina: Fisheries

-        Chile: Fisheries

-        Peru: Fisheries, aquaculture, marine biosphere and marine protected areas

-        Bolivia: Aquaculture and marine biosphere

-        Colombia: Fisheries and aquaculture

-        Uruguay: Fisheries

-        Central America

-        Panama: Fisheries

-        Guatemala: Fisheries

-        Belize: Aquaculture

-        Honduras: Marine biosphere, fisheries, marine protected areas and aquaculture

-        Nicaragua: Marine biosphere, fisheries, marine protected areas and aquaculture

-        El Salvador: Marine biosphere, fisheries, marine protected areas and aquaculture

  • Europe:

-        Romania: Fisheries and aquaculture

-        Lithuania: Fisheries

-        Turkey: Fisheries

  • Near East:

-        Yemen: Fisheries and aquaculture